Road a Woman May Travel Upon

Everybody travels a bit differently. Whether by plane, train, or automobile, we all have our preferences and our methods for getting by.

To help on your journeys, we’ve put together this list of business traveling tips. These 10 business travel tips for women will assist you in planning a trouble-free journey.

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Before You Go

1.   Compare renting a vehicle vs. hiring a driver. A professional driver can make a trip to an unfamiliar city much easier. They can help you maintain your schedule and free you up to work on the road.

2.   Use a travel booking website when traveling by air. Use an online travel booking website such as KAYAK, but don’t search for every available fare offered by all airline carriers at once. Instead, search each carrier’ one at a time. Due to a glitch in the system, it’s sometimes possible to find a better rate.

3.   When booking travel by rail, choose a sleeper car. Although it’s a bit more expensive, the square footage is larger. Check and then recheck your connections carefully.

4.   Consider using corporate transportation service. It will get you to and from airports or train stations, as well as to wherever you need to go while on the trip.
The service should have the following:

  • 24-hour service
  • A stellar safety record
  • A variety of vehicles
  • An established history
  • Positive consumer reviews praising the service for well-maintained vehicles, proficient drivers, timeliness and dependability.

On the Road, in the Air, or on the Track

5.   Leave a paperwork trail. Write down your planned travel route and leave a copy of it with a coworker, along with a copy of your passport (if traveling overseas).

6.   Familiarize yourself with all aspects of a rental vehicle. Among the important business travel tips for women is that you familiarize yourself with the windshield wipers, door locks, etc.

7.   Don’t be casual about safety if traveling by car. Deviate as little as possible from your planned travel route. Lock your doors even when driving. Check the backseat and under the car before getting in.

If you’re bumped by another vehicle or are pulled over by a police officer, follow these safety suggestions:

  • Crack your window if anyone approaches your vehicle
  • If it’s an officer, ask to see his or her badge
  • If you feel even the slightest bit uneasy about the other driver or the validity of the officer’s credentials, ask the person to follow you to the closest police station
  • If you do not know where the nearest station is, ask the person to follow you to a well-lit street with frequent traffic.

At Your Destination

8.   Don’t be casual about security when traveling by air or by train. Never leave your bags unattended at an airport or train station, or allow anyone but uniformed airport personnel to handle them. Make a list of all the items in luggage that must be checked.

9.   Don’t make it obvious if you’re traveling alone. Don’t leave a food order on your doorknob if it indicates only one person is staying in the room. Have any correspondence delivered to the front desk. Do not open the door to anyone, including hotel personnel, who you’ve not invited.

10.   Surround yourself with people. When using corporate transportation or another method to travel to and from the hotel, do not wait outside alone for them to arrive. Never walk unattended to a restaurant or other venue.

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