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 To help choose the best chauffeur service for your boss, here are some common traits of a successful service.  They: answer their own phones, treat their customers well, provide an estimate, have customer endorsements, use technology well, have accurate billing, hire chauffeurs, have written policies, are 15 minutes early and they follow-up.

  1. Answer their own phones – the company answers their own call and do not have an answering service taking calls overnight or while they are on the road.
  2. They put you at ease – you should be comfortable speaking with the customer service representative or dispatcher.  You are not an interruption to them and they take the time to explain everything.  In doing so, will sense the confidence and their ability to deliver what they say.
  3.  Estimate Cost – provide a quote of costs beforehand upon request.
  4.  Offer References – offer a list of other customers’ who are willing to speak with you about their experience with the company.
  5.  Technology – use technology such emailing communications and offer on-line reservations for customer bookings.
  6.  Billing – should be accurate and timely.  Some bill credit card trips on a daily basis and invoice on a weekly basis.  Most accept credit cards and also have invoiced customer accounts.
  7.  Employ Chauffeurs – they employ chauffeurs not drivers.  Items that differentiate a chauffeur from a driver are; extensive customer service training, years of experience, area knowledge, business attire, communicates well and is well spoken.
  8.  Have Written Policies – standards for billing should be clearly written and available to you.  Many companies have their policies on their reservation confirmation form which is provided to the person making the arrangement(s).
  9.  On Time – on time in this business is 15 minutes early.  If you arrive at the pick-up time, you’re late.
  10.  Follow up – someone from the company is in contact with you periodically to inquire about your experience, ask about upcoming events or simply to say thank you.

In summary, you should be comfortable with the person with whom you are speaking when inquiring about their service.  While many companies boast about their vehicles, it’s the people who make the difference.  It takes a team of experienced professionals to deliver seamless chauffeur service for your boss.  Call Professional Livery Worldwide at 888-578-5466 to discuss chauffeured sedan service for your boss.




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