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For business travelers, using the right car service is essential. It reduces the stress involved in navigating and logistics and allows them to focus on the business at hand. The car service should cater to you and make your job easier.

So what qualities should I be looking for when search for corporate car service? There are 5: personalized service, rapid response, centralized billing, nationwide coverage and client testimonials.  Call and interview the prospective company. Ask them about each of the five items and see how they respond.

Personalized Service

Personalized service is the number one reason business travelers choose their car service. It starts the moment you pick up the phone or hit send on an email.

Call the top three nationwide chauffeured sedan companies.  Did you get a computerized answering system and a minute later had to press number 3 for reservations or did they answer the phone? Are they friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful? Competent?  How do they make you feel? Did they care?

Rapid Response

Rapid response is critical as the rate in which we do things is quicker and the lead times are shorter. Does your car company communicate as often as necessary to ensure every detail is correct? When was the last time you were informed of a flight cancellation from your car service? Do they have vehicles available when you need them?

Centralized Billing

Centralized billing is one of the top 3 reasons administrative assistants choose a car service. If you use car service in multiple cities are you currently receiving a consolidated bill? How much time is spent chasing down invoices with vendors?

Nationwide Coverage

Having nationwide coverage is essentially a one-call solution for your chauffeured car service. Find a nationwide provider who meets your needs, you feel comfortable with and who makes your job easier.  Using a nationwide sedan service is one stop shopping; one call to make arrangements, one call for any changes or inquiries, one standard of service and one consolidated bill.

Customer Testimonials

When you call a prospective car company ask them for corporate client referrals. How long have they been in business? What’s their service picture like? What’s there on time performance and / or error rate?


When a car service excels in these five areas, your likelihood of success is high. Change is normal when it comes to business travel. You need a company that has the experience and professionalism that makes the process easy.

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