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So how do I select a company to provide transportation for an upcoming trade show?  There are several factors that can make transporting you, your staff and guests to trade shows effortless.  Choose a transportation company that is nationwide, provides a dedicated professional to plan and organize the event, has a range of vehicles to accommodate 1 or 20 people, provide an estimate and is flexible with changes, delays or flight cancellations.


When looking for trade show transportation companies, working with a nationwide provider is a critical piece.  Nationwide companies have local dispatchers who are intimately familiar with the airport(s), venues and surrounding areas.  Nationwide companies also provide: high reliability, set vehicle standards, knowledgeable chauffeurs, set pricing and guarantees established throughout their network.

Dedicated Planner

Once you select a trade show transportation company a dedicated professional should be assigned to who walks you through every aspect from the itinerary, vehicles, to meet points. For multiple day events ask for a manifest broken down by day so that each ride is clearly visible and easily accessible. Let the planner help you and make all the ground transportation arrangements, provide trip confirmations or manifests and manage the process.  They become your one point of contact.

Range of Vehicles

The company you choose for trade show transportation should have a varied fleet of vehicles.  So whether it is a sedan to pick up 2 people at the airport or a shuttle for 20 people from the hotel to the venue choose a company the offers a wide range of vehicles.  At a minimum they should offer sedans, SUV’s, vans and minibuses.  Motor coaches are a specialized vehicle and usually are a class all their own.  Very few transportation companies offer motor coaches and do it well.

Estimate of Cost

Cost is the 300 pound gorilla in the room.  With cost cutting and reduced budgets being the norm, obtaining an estimate for trade show transportation is essential.  Once you provide an itinerary, an estimate of cost should easily be provided. But remember it is an estimate based upon the itinerary.  Changes do and will occur, that’s the nature of corporate transportation.


When dealing with a group, the human element is involved.  People will miss flights, take and earlier flight, leave without communicating, stay longer than planned and change their minds frequently.  That being said, communication and flexibility are of paramount importance when executing trade show transportation.


So when selecting a company to provide transportation for an upcoming trade show, factors to consider are: a nationwide provider, they offer a dedicated planner, offer a range of vehicles, provides an estimate and is flexible with changes, delays or flight cancellations. Call and discuss your event and what resources are available from the transportation company.  Using these factors to guide you through the process, you will have a good feel as to whether the company is the right one for you and your trade show transportation.

Best of luck with your event!

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