Board Meeting conference room

Board Meetings

Corporate board meetings assemble the top advisers to the chief executive officer (CEO). Meetings are planned well in advance with an emphasis on maximizing the board members time. This is a time for the corporate office to put its best foot forward to demonstrate their efficiency and professionalism.


Usually the CEO’s executive administrator is charged the task of planning a board meeting. Once the meeting itinerary has been solidified, ancillary planning such as; transportation, flights, venues, hotels and restaurants begins. Make your job easier –get help with logistics, pick up times, meet points etc. by providing the itinerary to one of our knowledgeable customer service people.


Save time and money – busy people need to maximize their efficiency. Time is money.  Taking time to drive to the airport, 15-30 minutes to park and catch the shuttle and the daily parking fee all add up to non-productive time and at a cost. Hiring a chauffeur to   transport your board member aligns with your goal of professionalism and efficiency as it allows them to work in the car and arrive at their destination stress-free.

Personalized Service

We think personalized service starts the second you pick up the phone or click send on an email. We are hyper-sensitive to communicating quickly and as often as necessary to ensure everything goes seamlessly for the client.  This starts with knowing what information to get on the front end so the dispatcher and chauffeur are all on the same page.


Hiring the right executive chauffeur service for a board meeting is critical. We know you are busy and respect your time. We answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our experienced staff will help with the logistics and transportation planning. Your board member will be greeted on-time by a smiling chauffeur who is efficient and professional. I invite you to call Professional Livery Worldwide to experience personalized service for yourself.

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