Speedy, Luxury Car Service: BWI to DC

Are you a business traveler in need of a premier car service from BWI to DC?

Baltimore to Washington DC transportation doesn’t have to be a hassle. When you ride with a Baltimore airport limo or sedan service that knows the fastest routes and provides the best service, traveling through Maryland to the DC area will be a relaxing, luxurious experience.

This article shows what to expect when traveling with a car service from BWI to DC, and why Prolivery provides the best sedan service Baltimore to Washington travelers will ever experience.

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Traveling from BWI to DC

When using a car service from BWI to DC, expect a travel time of approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour under normal traffic circumstances. You will travel a distance between 33 and 42 miles, depending on the route chosen by your driver. These main routes from BWI to DC are:

  • MD-295 (33 miles)
  • I-95 (42 miles)

The route chosen by your driver will depend upon the latest information on traffic conditions on these two interstate corridors. Our drivers know the quickest paths from BWI to DC, and can adapt quickly to the road conditions to ensure your fastest possible arrival into DC.

Airport to Airport Livery Service

If you are traveling from Baltimore or BWI to a DC airport, our chauffeurs can take you to either major DC airport—Dulles or Washington National—in plenty of time for your flight.


When traveling from BWI to Dulles International Airport, your travel time will be longer than BWI to DC. Expect travel to last between one and one-and-a-half hours in low traffic, for a distance of approximately 60 miles.

Car service from BWI to IAD introduces the option of traveling on I-495 W and I-495 N after using I-95 S and MD-295 S, respectively. You can also follow MD-295 S straight down from BWI to Dulles, though this path is slightly longer than the other two.

Your Prolivery driver will be familiar with these routes, and will determine the best possible path for getting you to your destination.


Car service from BWI to Reagan International airport takes slightly longer than car service from BWI to DC, but is shorter than BWI to Dulles. You can expect to travel a distance between 38 and 47 miles on either MD-295 S or I-95 S. In low traffic, this means about 1 hour of travel for each route.

Superior Ground Transportation: BWI to DC

The best Baltimore airport limo and sedan service combines superior ground transportation with expert drivers to create a travel experience unlike any other.

That’s what makes Prolivery’s car service from BWI to DC the best in the area. Here are more reasons why corporate travelers all over the world call us the best sedan service Baltimore has to offer:

  • Experience – Our drivers have the professional experience to arrive on-time, every time. Whether you are traveling from BWI to DC, BWI to IAD, or BWI to DCA, you can count on a Prolivery chauffeur to know the best possible route to get you there on schedule.
  • Flexibility – No matter what happens with road conditions, our drivers can adapt to get you to your destination as soon as possible. And if something changes in your plans at the last minute, no worries! Our drivers are here for you!
  • Freedom of Choice – With so many transportation options to choose from, you decide how you want to travel. Whether you need a Baltimore airport limo, town car, sedan, or SUV, Prolivery has a wide range of luxury vehicles to get you where you need to be.

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