With all the advances in technology, our world is “Always On” – always on internet and communications. We seem to have shifted away from doing due diligence on a product or service with people we know and trust to browsing the internet and essentially price shopping. What are you really looking for? The old adage you get what you pay for applies to executive sedan service and chauffeured ground transportation. This is where value comes into play. There are many components to price versus value for car service; personalized service, experience, discretion, clean vehicle, reliability and professionalism.

Price vs Value

Personalized Service

We hear that personalized service is the number one reason clients select their service provider. Call the top three nationwide chauffeured sedan companies. Did you get a computerized answering system and a minute later had to press number 3 for reservations? We think personalized service starts the second you pick up the phone or click send on an email. We answer our phones 24 x 7 and communicate as often as necessary to ensure a smooth trip.

Experienced Staff

Our office staff has an average of 20+ years experience in transportation and logistics per person. Let an experienced team member assist you with the logistics such as: pick up and drive times, vehicle selection whether it is to an airport, business meeting, board meeting, training seminar or conference. We employ chauffeurs. Items that differentiate a chauffeur from a driver are; extensive customer service training, years of experience, area knowledge, business attire, communicates well and is well spoken.


Many executives hire a chauffeur service so no one in the firm is privy to what they are working on, whether it’s minimizing exposure to a problem or exploring a new business opportunity. Chauffeur service affords the executive strict confidentiality and privacy.  Chauffeurs operate on a “speak when spoken to” code once the introduction and confirmation of the destination is completed.

Clean Vehicle

A clean vehicle is not an option in the chauffeur industry; it is a matter of pride.  It is the outward appearance of the chauffeur service’s attention to detail.  A good chauffeur would be mortified to show up driving anything less than an impeccably detailed vehicle stocked with a cold water and today’s paper.


In our industry if you arrive on time, you’re late. By plan, our chauffeurs arrive 15 minutes prior to schedule to ensure a smooth, timely pick up. Our error on rate is 1% so that’s a 99% reliability rating!


Experience personalized service, rapid response and centralized billing from the team at Professional Livery Worldwide. You will always reach an experienced professional whose sole focus is making you more efficient. Since 1988, Professional Livery Worldwide has been a one-call solution for nationwide executive chauffeured ground transportation.


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