Client Comments Include…

“Thank you to our driver for the wonderful service rendered. It was a great experience despite the multiple changes to the schedule. Prolivery manages all the requests flexibly, promptly and efficiently. Also, kudos to the drivers for their professional service that made the journeys comfortable for my management!”

C.S. – Singapore

 “It is always a pleasure to do business with you guys .. Please keep up the good work.”

  P.L. – Memphis, TN

 “Really appreciate the great service your drivers provide!”

 C.N. – Nashville, TN

“Thank you for the note, Kevin.  I love you guys and my boss does, too.  I appreciate you making life easy for us :-).  We always receive great service.”

 D.S. – San Francisco, CA

“Thank you for providing us with such great service!”

 K.G. – Memphis, TN

“We really enjoy using Professional Livery.  Always professional, always on time- no complaints and welcome the opportunity to continue to work with your company.”

 G.W. – Vienna, VA

“Thank you for following up and for the excellent service you provided to our Board of Directors!”

  L.R. – Hanover, MD

“I say this without exaggeration, but it is always a pleasure to work with each of you and according to my superiors, the service your company provides surpasses others in being consistently great.  This (among others) is the reason why I do not hesitate to refer your company at each and every opportunity I’m presented with.”

 J.R. – Washington DC

 “I was completely impressed by the service you provided particularly since I booked literally hours before my pick up (which happened to be at midnight).  Your team was very accommodating on the phone when I called as I had to switch from a flight to the train out of NY and had no issue with making 2 stops.  The driver was very professional and friendly.  I would definitely recommend your company to others and will use you again in the future. Thank you for being so helpful!”

 T.R. – Herndon, VA 

“Your service has been invaluable as you have efficiently taken care of our guests.”

 S.G. – Arlington, VA

“Thanks so much and thanks to all of you for making my job just a bit easier.  Jenn, Chrissy and Greg have bailed me out many times over the past year.  And, for that I am truly thankful!  Also, I want to commend the drivers for being so patient and for doing such a wonderful job.”

 P.G. – Washington DC

“I want to acknowledge how satisfied I am with the services of ProLivery.  I use your cars regularly and have found your drivers to be consistently reliable, punctual and professional.  I have a high standard for such things (and a low tolerance for disappointment) so my compliments are very sincere.”

“My firm uses your firm and only your firm because we have had a consistently superior experience over the years.”

 B.M. – Washington DC

“I love doing business with Professional Livery.”

 S.W. – Chicago, IL

“I found you online. Our driver was terrific, both taking us to the airport and bringing us home. He was friendly and on time and helpful. Yes, I would certainly recommend your company. And I will be happy to use your services again.”

 K.D. – Severna Park, MD

 “Once again the group was very pleased with your driver.  Thank you for everything.”

 L.P. – Houston, TX

“Thanks so much for the card and the awesome service! You guys rock! We look forward to working with you in the future!

S.S. – Baltimore, MD

“Thanks Kevin for Pro Livery’s great service, and for your follow up.”

D.M. – Toronto, Canada

“I appreciate everything your team does to make my job easier when booking transportation—I know that I can count on you.”

W.D. – Baltimore, MD

“Your company is one of the BEST I’ve had to work with. I appreciate you!!”

K. G. – Richmond, VA

“Thanks for always providing a great service to the guys right across the US. You make my job a little easier knowing that they are taken care of.”

S. F. – United Kingdom

“Thank you. Professional Livery makes my job easier.”

M. R. – Gaithersburg, MD

“Very professional services and I don’t need to worry when I book with your company. Best wishes for your continued success.”

S. V. – Gurgaon, India

 “I found your web site by googling “car service chicago” and your service was the only one that didn’t require 24 hours notice to pick up my husband from ORD. My husband said the car service was excellent getting him from ORD to Hyde Park safely and in record time. We will absolutely be using your service in the future.”

L. G. – Blacksburg, VA

“It’s nice to be able to rely on Professional Livery, your staff is always very friendly and accommodating whenever I call. Thank you!”

 A. C. – Cambridge, MA

“I wish I knew about your service years ago. Your company was a refreshing delight. You knew about a flight cancellation way before our own travel group did and notified us by email (which has never happened with other ground companies). I was very impressed your call center and the email communication during and after the ride.”

K. S. – New York

“I called within 45 minutes of needing the pickup at JFK your company came through with flying colors! You delivered the boss to his hotel in NY traffic at rush hour – I couldn’t ask for more.”

S. C. – Memphis, TN

“It’s a pleasure for me working with your company.”

N. M. – Manhattan, NY

Expectations not only were met but exceeded by over a mile. Your service is very professional and made it very easy.”

S. R. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I just wanted to let you know that your company has been outstanding and I use them exclusively because of that. The woman I talk to most, Jen, is exceptionally proficient and professional. Thanks for making my job so much easier and making me look good to my attorneys.”

J. G. – Washington DC

I truly appreciate the service your sedans and drivers provide and your customer service is at the very top! We know we can rely on you, and this is a great comfort when my boss travels to various locations and we need a dependable company.”

M. P. – Washington DC

We were pleased with the service in every respect.  The cars were clean and in good order, the drivers were knowledgeable about the destinations and directions to our destinations.  So all in all, we were pleased.”

P. R. – Maryland

“You guys are great. Jennifer is wonderful and you never let me down. Thank you.”

D. H. – Merriville, IN

“The service was excellent; your drivers very professional. I found your service with a web search and verified the independent reviews.”

K. B. – Washington DC

Your service was the solution to my problem. From the moment your driver arrived, he was a complete professional and made it an experience to remember. My grandmother stated “It was the greatest and most moving experience of her life.” Your company and driver played a significant role in that and for that I “Thank You”. I would recommend your company to anyone and the extra you charge over some of your competition is pennies compared to “worry-free” experience.”

W. M. – Millersville, MD

“Professional Livery has not let me down and I know I can count on them to get my boss where he needs to be when he needs to be there.”

D. W. – Memphis, TN

“I LOVE working with you guys! You make my life effortless – a real pleasure to deal with your company.

Hope you know how much we appreciate you.”

D. R. – Bellevue, WA

“Everything worked out perfectly. Our driver was so patient and had more energy than my twin boys. He was very knowledgeable about Washington was very upbeat and most professional. He even found my 73 year old mother’s favorite restaurant so the day ended with her extremely pleased (although tired). I was also very happy to find out that you are in Chicago too. I will be recommending this service and using it in the future. You have a five star service!!!!!”

C. R. – Chicago,  IL

“Over the years I have used Professional Livery for clients who visit Washington and for business trips out of the area. They are reliable, prompt, and always courteous. They know the area. I recommend Professional Livery without hesitation.”

J. N. –  Pawleys Island, SC

The Division President I support travels globally. Utilizing Professional Livery allows me to use one service no matter where he travels. Utilizing Professional Livery gives me peace of mind knowing I don’t have to worry about the driver not showing up or being late. The drivers are both professional and knowledgeable about the areas they serve in acting as “unofficial” tour guides which make the rides interesting and fun! Reservations are a breeze either by email or phone, with confirmations received promptly. The staff are always very pleasant, courteous and extremely helpful in making reservations.

J. M. – Gaithersburg, MD

“I would highly recommend the services provided by Professional Livery. We switched to Professional Livery Worldwide after being disappointed by two other car services, and we’ve been loyal customers for the last 3 or so years. The adage of, “You get what you pay for” applies. Less expensive car services are great if they show up.”

J. C. –   San Carlos, CA

“Professional Livery is great! They have been our dedicated car service for the past six years! They treat each client with the utmost respect and professionalism. Most importantly the Professional Livery Worldwide staff is like family to us! ”

C. R. – Manhattan, NY

“We have worked with Professional Livery for approximately ten years and have been extremely happy with their wonderful service.  The drivers are knowledgeable, on time, and always professional. We use Professional Livery all around the country as well and they never disappoint with last minute changes or reservations. ”

J. W. – Washington, DC

“The driver arrived on time, was friendly, knew the addresses for the stops and had pre-planned the routes accordingly.  He was also accommodating–asked them if they would like heat/AC, radio/no radio.  In addition, the car was clean and new.  Finally, the customer service associate who booked the reservation was easy to work with, pleasant and organized.  We look forward to working with you and your team again in the near future.”

D. L. – Bowie, MD

“I cannot offer any suggestions as to how the service could be any better. From the people who answered my questions via email to the car (cleanliness, general shape and condition) to the driver – everything was just exceptional. I will be happy to recommend Professional Livery to my colleges and friends and I will definitely use your services again.”

R. H. – Washington, DC

“You guys are the best, never one slip in the 6 or so years I’ve been doing business with you.”

C. S. – Arlington, VA


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