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Our clients tell us that centralized billing is one of the top three items when selecting a car service. Do you use car service in multiple cities? Are you currently receiving a consolidated bill? How much time do you spend chasing down invoices with vendors? How important is receiving an accurate invoice? Do you have a one-call solution? 

Centralized Billing

If you use car service in multiple cities with multiple vendors, receiving a consolidated invoice will save you time. Think about receiving multiple invoices, verifying them and either cutting checks or submitting a payment request to the AP department. When is the last time you had to chase down an invoice for an expense report?


How important is receiving an accurate invoice? Have you done business with a company and find you have to call them often to correct billing? How frustrating!  Over the years, I’ve stopped doing business with several companies whose product I liked, due their inability to accurately invoice us and or apply our payments.   

 One Call Solution

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one call solution? Using a provider with nationwide coverage will streamline the process. One call to make arrangements, one call for any changes or inquiries, one standard of service and one point of contact for billing inquiries.


Don’t experiment with several local car services. Find a nationwide provider who meets your needs, you feel comfortable with and who makes your job easier. Call Professional Livery Worldwide and interview us for your corporate ground travel needs.      



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