Corporate Ground Transportation

Looking for corporate ground transportation in NY, MD, DC, FL, CA, or TX? Maybe you need transportation throughout the country in different places. Or maybe right now you’re looking for transportation only in a certain place.

Regardless, wouldn’t it be convenient if a there were a corporate ground transportation company that offered service nationwide?

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Have you or your colleagues had trouble booking transportation services? This can cause corporate traveling to become frustrating and tiresome. Confusion and difficulty in the booking process can also lead to running late for important meetings and/or events.

If you have tried booking corporate transportation services before, you know it’s not an easy task and takes probing around to find a reliable service.

When looking for transportation for the next business trip consider three factors that are key in picking a service.


When you’re on business travel, it is essential to maintain professionalism at all times. That same mandate should be passed down to your executive car service. Without exception, the ground transportation you arrive in will reflect your not only the image of your company, but your personal image as well.

There are enough headaches inherent in corporate transportation. You shouldn’t have to think about whether your chauffeur service will maintain the professionalism level. Also, ask about the types of vehicles available – this plays a big role in professionalism.

Availability and Reliability

The next factor to consider when booking the next professional ground transportation is the availability and reliability of the service.

When traveling for business it is convenient if the company offers services nationwide, allowing them to be available anywhere you might be. You could be in Los Angeles in the morning, but end up in Chicago for the evening. Having a reliable ground transport service all over the country will make traveling easier and more relaxing. Scheduling becomes easier each time and you become used to the quality of service.

The reliability of the company is also important. Sometimes, in order to make it back for that 8 a.m. meeting you have to take the red eye flight. You need a transport service that works around the clock and is as reliable at 5 pm as they are at 5 am. Choosing a company that is reliable and available whenever you might need them is imperative when choosing a ground transportation service.


Last, but definitely not the least important is the experience of the company you choose. Companies that have been in business for long time have the ‘know-how’ of the industry. They usually hire only the most experienced drivers as well. Experienced drivers are important when traveling; they know the ins-and-outs of the area and will be able to get you to your point of interest quickly.

The Professional Livery Worldwide Difference

Next time, when searching for corporate ground transportation services that rank very highly on our grading scale (professionalism, availability & reliability, experience) look to Professional Livery Worldwide. Whether you’re in New York or Texas, Los Angeles or Boston, Baltimore, DC, Atlanta, Florida, or anywhere else throughout the nation, Professional Livery Worldwide is there. The level of professionalism from Professional Livery Worldwide is superior and with over 20 years of experience it’s no surprise we are reliable and successful.

But most importantly, we cater exclusively to the corporate and business traveler. We don’t do proms or weddings or bar mitzvahs. We work only with business-people and that makes a big difference. That means we know what you expect. And we know how to deliver beyond your expectations. Every time.

“We have worked with Professional Livery for approximately ten years and have been extremely happy with their wonderful service. ┬áThe drivers are knowledgeable, on time, and always professional. We use Professional Livery all around the country as well and they never disappoint with last minute changes or reservations. ”

Janine W. – Washington, DC

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