For executives and business professionals, Washington, DC, offers an eclectic mix of old and new. It’s a place where storied history meshes with exciting modernity to create a city like no other.

But, it’s also a place where big city issues can affect even the best laid business plans. Traffic, parking, poor directions, and adverse weather can derail an otherwise picture perfect business weekend.

So, below are five reasons for professionals to go with a DC Sedan Service instead of renting a car during your next business trip:

  1. Traffic

    : DC is the second most visited city in U.S. According to a recent¬†INRIX study, it’s currently the ninth most congested metro area in the United States. Let the DC Sedan service lead you through the snarled mess.

  2. Directions

    : Buoyed by your state-of-the-art smartphone, you’re ready for anything. At least that’s what you think. Do you know the best routes from local airports like Dulles and Reagan? During peak traffic times, will you be able to ascertain exactly how long it will take to get from Point A to Point B? What happens if you get lost? The DC Sedan service will get you exactly where you need to go. The sedan service in DC will allow you time — literally — to formulate your talking points without the added hassle of stressful driving, dealing with intense traffic during peak congestion times, or having to decipher incoherent directions. Let the pros handle it, all while you prepare for why you’re in the capital city in the first place: wowing your new business partners.

  3. Parking

    : Big cities offer fantastic opportunities for both business and pleasure. There are restaurants, museums, stunning government buildings, fun bars, and stylish five-star hotels with awe-inspiring views. Probably the thing you won’t hear a traveler gush over, though, is parking. First, where to park? Second, will it cost an arm and a leg for parking? Third — so you parked in Baltimore but your meeting is in D.C.? It was the nearest parking spot. All kidding aside, if you have to factor in potential traffic snarls, poor weather patterns moving in, disastrous directions from your momentarily “dumb” smartphone, and then after all that you need to take time out to park? It’s not going to work all that well in the timeliness department. Work with a Sedan service in DC to limit potential hiccups like these.

  4. Party size

    : Unfortunately, we don’t mean an actual party. Say you’re in town to meet a potential list of clients for your up-and-coming start-up business venture? You have a noon meeting scheduled for Georgetown and lo and behold the boss wants you to pick up the clients on your way in to create a more favorable impression. Whoops! That red-top convertible you rented out of Dulles isn’t going to properly accommodate your new cavalcade of passengers. As any business traveler knows, plans change. With a DC Sedan Service, you’ll have a variety of diverse vehicles which will allow for potential changes to be enacted without the slightest bit of disruption in your schedule. No matter the number of passengers, traffic, scheduling, and beyond, the DC Sedan service has you covered.

  5. Rental car issues

    : According to¬†NBC News, the true cost of your rental vehicle may not be at first so clear. How about the addition of state and local taxes, airport surcharges, additional driver expenses, insurance costs, paying for gas (i.e.: paying LOTS for gas), and certain drop-off charges that may skyrocket your rental bill? Added to the previously mentioned “issues” it seems a DC Sedan service may be the most cost-efficient, simple, and stress-free way to go.

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