Are you a road warrior in the most literal sense of the word? Would a few tips for business travelers be a welcome sight to help streamline your travel itinerary?

If so, keep reading to learn more about how today’s technology can make your travel more comfortable, less hectic, yet somehow even more productive. Read on fearless travelers!


You’ve arrived at the airport to a scene out of a horror movie: the self-help kiosks are full, the line to pass through security looks the line for the final Twilight film, and you just realized you forgot to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  How about a list of tips for business travelers to help make your travel plans flow a little bit more smoothly?

Technology to Help you Prior to your Trip

TripIt offers a way to place all your pertinent travel items — flight information, hotel, maps, dining, car service, and more — into one easy-to-use and simple to navigate itinerary right on your smartphone. Say you have a flight departing from Chicago at noon, arrival in New York, check-in for the Hilton, and then a business dinner in midtown at seven?

With TripIt, each itinerary point, as well as tips for business travelers, is laid out for you with ease. TripIt Pro members who pay $49 per year can upgrade to a service which is especially beneficial for frequent fliers; it provides tips for business travelers to find airline deals and receive status alerts/reminders.

You may also want to look into prescription refill apps like Walgreen’s, an all-encompassing flight and hotel collator like Kayak, and/or any checklist apps which can help you get your house in order before the flight out.

What to Use at the Airport

There are flight tracking services, alerts for flight delays, tips for business travelers, and company-specific airline apps. One of the best apps to have, though, combines all of these great features into one. When it comes to tips for business travelers, Gate Guru is one of the best.

Gate Guru will add all of your pertinent travel information right onto your device. Need to know airport weather, your check-in terminal, or current up-to-the-minute flight status? Gate Guru’s got you covered.

You’ll actually be able to see the current security wait time before ever stepping foot in the airport. There will be personalized restaurant information, tips for business travelers, airport maps, and more.

What to Use on the Plane

So far, in our discussion on tips for business travelers we’ve only spoken about applications for smartphones. But the technology of today reaches far and beyond: tablets, e-readers, laptops, iPods, and beyond.

Many flights offer Wi-fi capabilities at 30,000 feet, so if you want movies, music, books, magazines, games, and/or work time on your cross country flight, the sky’s the limit.


For iPad, Android, and iPhone iOS owners, there are thousands of business apps. You can create better presentations, edit documents or spreadsheets on the fly, and even host a virtual meeting.

This technology can be a real tool to inspire potential clients through both innovation and true collaboration. It simplifies business and distills it down to its component parts so you can focus only on what’s important: your business.

Health and Lifestyle Apps

A few more of the best of apps during your stay, in terms of health, fitness, entertainment, and fantastic tips for business travelers:

  1. WebMD
  2. Skype
  3. iBooks
  4. Yelp
  5. Open Table
  6. Translate
  7. MapQuest
  8. Pandora
  9. The Weather Channel
  10. MapMyRun
  11. Dining Out Guide
  12. iTunes U
  13. Facebook
  14. Twitter
  15. Calorie King, and many more!


Hopefully, these tips for business travelers can point you in the right direction on that next trip of yours. Thanks for reading!

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