When I think about the qualities of customer service the words attentive, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and professional come to mind. But when we have an exceptional customer experience what really happens?

I recently experienced exceptional customer service from an employee at major airline in the Midwest. I was checking an oversized, overweight bag for my return trip home and the employee was taken aback by the $100 fee.  She said she wanted to check something. Then she stepped over the scale, across the counter and pulled up my reservation on the self-service terminal. She turned to me and said “If you upgrade one leg of your flight to first class for $45, you will get 2 bags checked free”.  She saved me $85 for my bag and the bag of my co-worker. I was amazed and thanked her for being so kind.

She had no idea I paid $225 for the bags on the way there. As I thought about the experiences with two different employees at the same company, it hit me – the second one cared about me. The ingredient to providing exceptional customer service was so simple – caring about your customer. Brilliant!

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