Travel planning is one of many tasks performed by an executive assistant.  So how do you have your boss travelling in style?  Knowing your executive will certainly make travel planning easier but there are simple ways to be organized in booking and communicating every aspect of the business trip.

Pre-Trip Discussion

Prior to the trip, have a brief meeting or communicate via email about the details of the trip.  From the pre-trip discussion you should have gleaned enough detail to develop an itinerary.  Use the itinerary to communicate your needs with your travel agent and other service providers.


The Itinerary should contain details of the transportation, flight information, hotels, business meetings, addresses and contact numbers for each reservation and appointment.  Many executive assistants develop their own version of an executive business travel itinerary.  There are apps that assist with developing an itinerary such as TripIt.  All email confirmations can be sent to an email address at Tripit which creates a framework of an itinerary to which you can finish by adding business meetings, dinners etc.


While this may seem too obvious, weather in other parts of the world can be quite different than the climate in which you may be accustomed.  Providing weather conditions for each of the locations on the executive business trip will ensure your boss packs correctly and carries an umbrella and jacket if necessary.

Sedan Service

If your boss is not familiar with the area, it’s a big city with little parking or if the time schedule is tight consider hiring a sedan service.  Not having to worry about directions, how long it takes, parking and being able to focus on the upcoming meeting or presentation is priceless.  It will enable your boss to be focused and mentally prepared to their meeting.


Planning for executive business travel is a lot of work.  Communication and organization are just one small piece of the puzzle.  Create an Itinerary and provide it to your service providers to have them assist you with the logistics and making reservations.  When you get it all ironed out, it will change, welcome to business travel planning!

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