Airport Travel Escape Lane

Business travel is stressful. Between unpredictable rules for getting through airport security, crowded airplanes and frequent system-wide backups and delays, it’s hard to know what can happen on even the most routine trips. While there’s a lot that you can’t control in travel, there are a few things that you can control.

Preparing for Your Trip

Before your trip, print out copies of every boarding pass and reservation that you need to get through the first couple of days of your trip. That way, you won’t have a problem if your phone’s battery is dead or the paperless check-in systems fail when you are getting through airport security checkpoints.

When you pack, put wires and chargers that you will not need at the airport in checked luggage. Wrap carried-on wires neatly to avoid TSA scrutiny.

Experienced business travelers know that less is more when it comes to packing. Consider bringing a suit with two pairs of pants so that you can use the same jacket multiple times, and remember that your hotel will have a laundry service. When you pack your bags, remember that you might be walking a long distance with them. After all, you might end up running down a mile-long concourse.

Getting to the Airport

While business travel is stressful, getting to the airport doesn’t have to be. Book your ride to the airport in advance and give yourself a couple of extra minutes. It’s better to sit at the gate checking your email than to arrive at the gate after your flight left.

Many business people use an executive car service. Executive sedans, limousines and SUVs offer a higher degree of service and comfort. Having a driver to help you with your bags reduces the risk of your business attire being damaged or soiled, as does having a clean car to sit in.

Navigating Through the Airport and Getting Through Airport Obstacles

Good airport strategy starts before enter the door. If the airport is busy and you need to check bags, spend the few dollars for curbside skycap service. It could save you from a long wait in line.

As quickly as possible, empty as much as you can from your pockets into a secure, zippered pocket on your carry-on. This will reduce the risk of losing items while you are getting through airport security. Hopefully, you are also wearing slip-on shoes that you can easily take on and off.

Once you finish getting through airport security, you have the challenge of getting through airport shopping and dining areas without being distracted. Consider heading all of the way to your gate first. Then, you’re where you need to be but you can still head back for food or trinkets.

Departing the Flight

Take a second and check the overhead signs and monitors. If you’re getting through airport terminals for the first time, they can be confusing. Once you know where to go for ground transportation and baggage claim, make a restroom stop before you pass through security. You don’t want to have to go back through security to a bathroom in the terminal if the baggage claim has none.

Getting Through Airport Baggage Claim

Make sure that you keep your claim checks, since you may be getting through airport security that will check them. Once you pass through the doors, find suitable transportation. The best way to make your trip to your destination as comfortable as your trip to the airport is to use a pre-booked executive car service . The driver can help with your luggage and get you safely to your destination.

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