It’s that time of year again – Holiday party season!  Have a holiday party to attend? The location may be some distance from your home, or if it is held at someone’s home there may be limited parking. Why not hire a car service and have the chauffeur drop you off at the front door? Going with another couple?  Have them picked up on the way and start the evening as soon as you get into the car.

Reduce Driving Hazards

If you drive yourself, alcohol consumption is a variable to consider.  Don’t have a designated driver? Hiring a chauffeur to get you to and from the party safely would eliminate the possibility of you having an accident, getting pulled over or possibly receiving a DUI. Keep the roads safe by not drinking and driving.

Hosting a Party

Hosting a holiday party? Consider providing transportation for your guests. It may be  a couple of sedans or limousines to pick up couples on the way to your venue and take them home afterward. Or if parking is limited, have a van or minibus shuttle guests from a pre arranged location.

Enjoy the evening and hire a car service. Sit back, relax and admire the lights along way.

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