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We are frequently asked “How far in advance should I make a reservation?”. Our response is when you know you require transportation and have all the pertinent details make the reservation. When transporting a group, we usually ask for an itinerary to work from to ensure all details are correct (flights and drive times) and to determine the most efficient routes and vehicles needed.

The type of vehicle required is a big factor. There are fewer large vehicles such as SUVs, vans and minibuses than sedans in a fleet. Larger vehicles are frequently booked weeks in advance.

Most operators plan their dispatch 24 hours in advance. So I would say a minimum of 24 hours is a reasonable time to book a sedan trip. Ten years ago, sedan reservations were made weeks in advance. Technology advances and the pace of society have reduced this window to 24 hours.

Last minute jobs called ASAP’s can be done, depending upon how busy the day is and where vehicles are when you call.

Remember, changes in corporate travel are the norm. Book when you know you the service is needed and make any changes as they unfold. Good communication makes a world of difference.

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