imf 2014 spring meetings

IMF – World Bank Spring Meetings –  2014

The spring meetings of the World Bank and the IMF are being held in  Washington DC April 11 thru April 13, 2014. An Excerpt from the IMF website: “Each spring, thousands of government officials, the private sector, journalists, academia, civil society representatives, and other interested observers gather in Washington, D.C. for the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group.”

All attendees are expected to make their own arrangements including car service, airfare and hotels.. The IMF and World Bank do not provide transportation services to and from the airport(s) for CSOs participating in the Spring Meetings.

Hotels in Washington DC

According to tripsdvisor, there are 128 hotels around the Washington Dc area. Click on the link to view them: Map of Washington DC hotels.


There are really only 3 options to get you from the 3 airports to NW DC  car rental, taxis and a car service.

Rental car rates vary depending on the vehicle you desire, so I won’t even try to estimate cost. Parking is difficult and extremely limited anywhere close to the IMF meeting site.

Estimated cab fare is:  BWI to NW ~ $108, DCA to NW ~ $24, IAD to NW ~ $108 (all inclusive + 20% gratuity).

Estimated chauffeured sedan service is: BWI to NW ~ $160, DCA to NW ~ $95, IAD to NW ~ $140 (all inclusive).

Five reasons to choose a sedan service over a rental car while in DC on business. Don’t leave things to chance by hiring the lowest cost transportation provider. Hire a reputable chauffeur service.

Experience personalized service, rapid response and centralized billing form the team at Professional Livery Worldwide. The IMF has 3 day 10 hour minimums on hourly chauffeured sedan service.

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