What does public transportation have that an NYC Car Service like Professional Livery doesn’t have? Let’s look at the differences. Hailing a taxi, waiting in the subways for the next train or at a bus stop ring any bells? The first thing that comes to mind is inconvenience.


In today’s world time is money and an inconvenience in any form is a problem. What Professional Livery offers is quite the opposite, convenience and that at an affordable price. No matter what the situation you are in whether you are just going out on the town for the night or trying to get home from the airport having Professional Livery there waiting for you saves you time and money and will be the most convenient option for you.

With an NYC car service you don’t have to worry about waiting in lines, paying once you get there or even trying to get the attention of a cab driver. You call ahead and set up your route and they are there for you. No time is wasted, no hassle, and no waiting for transportation. You just get inside the vehicle and you’re on your way.

Experience: Luxury vs. lack of luxury

You get what you pay for is a common cliché but it relates to Professional Livery completely. Unfortunately when you take a cab or the train, bus etc. there are several problems you can run into. Cleanliness of the vehicle inside and out, crowded once on board, and even the atmosphere. However, if you select this NYC car service you get much more than a chauffeur, you get the experience.

Convenience is essential but the experience is what makes the convenience great! Someone might ask “how is this experience any different from the experience of taking a cab or riding on the subway?” Luxury is the key difference. Would you rather have someone chauffer you around the town or be crammed on a bus or in a cab and feel uncomfortable?

Several other areas of concern consist of safety, cost, style, and even professionalism. With Professional Livery everything is completely professional with a chauffeur who opens the door for you and provides a safe environment for you and guests during your ride. You always ride in style with several vehicles to choose from including a luxury sedan to a luxury SUV depending on the number of people traveling with you.

What you must do is answer this question when looking at your options. Which option is more convenient for me and provides me with an overall better experience, public transportation or an NYC car service like Professional Livery?

Looking to book transportation on your next trip to New York? Contact Professional Livery today for a free quote.

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