Businesswoman taking telephone call


Knowing who to call is half the battle of getting what you want. When you reach the “right” person or company the entire process feels almost effortless. A sales pitch becomes a conversation that gleans your needs and how best to meet them. An experienced person makes it easy to navigate so you don’t have to figure out how to do business with them. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-call solution for corporate ground transportation?

Experienced Staff

We polled our office staff and the average experience in transportation and logistics was 20+ years per person. Call and have an experienced team member assist you with the logistics such as: drive times, transport to and from the airport, business meetings, board meetings, training seminars and conferences.

Personalized Service

We hear that personalized service is the number one reason clients select their service provider. Call the top three nationwide chauffeured sedan companies. Did you get a computerized answering system and a minute later had to press number 3 for reservations? We think personalized service starts the second you pick up the phone or click send on an email. That’s why we answer our phones 24 x 7.


In this industry if you arrive on time, you’re late.  We stage our chauffeurs 15 minutes prior to schedule to ensure a smooth, timely pick up. Our on time pickup rate is 98%.


I invite you to call Professional Livery Worldwide and experience our one-call solution for corporate ground transportation. Experience the personalized service our team delivers. Let our reliable chauffeurs take the stress out of driving so you can focus on more important things.



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