CSR on headset


Personalized Service

We hear that personalized service is the number one reason clients enjoy doing business with us.  Call the top three nationwide chauffeured sedan companies.  Did you get a computerized answering system and a minute later had to press number 3 for reservations?   We think personalized service starts the second you pick up the phone or click send on an email.

 Answer the phone

We know our clients are busy and to respect their time we answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our well trained, knowledgeable team is focused on making your life easier.  We create a profile for regular clients which eliminates the need to provide the same data repetitively.  Once created, many clients make a reservation in less than a minute on the phone.

Experienced Staff

We recently took a poll of our office staff and was amazed that the average experience was 20+ year experience per person in transportation and logistics.  Call and have an experienced team member assist you with the logistics such as: drive times, transport to and from the airport, business meetings, board meetings, training seminars and conferences.


We are hyper-sensitive to communicating quickly and as often as necessary to ensure everything goes seamlessly for the client.  This starts with knowing what information to get on the front end so the dispatcher and chauffeur are all on the same page.


Did an experienced customer service representative answer the phone, compile all the necessary data, make the reservation and send a confirmation within minutes?  If not, why not?  Personalized service starts with a well trained, experienced person who cares.  I invite you to call Professional Livery Worldwide and experience personalized service for yourself.

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