Scheduling Travel Arrangements For Your Boss

Hard working executive assistants may need to set up business travel for their bosses from time to time. Whether through a travel agent, direct through the airlines website, or by online methods to compare and contrast flight/hotel/car packages, executive assistants will need to know the best practices available.

Below are 7 tips to scheduling travel arrangements for your boss. Read on!

Tip #1 – Understand the Travel Agenda

Potential questions to be answered prior to setting up a trip may include:

  • When are the bosses’ meetings scheduled?
  • Will the flight arrive in enough time to allow for a relaxed ride to the first meeting?
  • Are their any earlier flights in order to allow for a full night’s rest?
  • Is there a direct flight available instead of connecting flights?
  • Is there Wi-Fi available on the flight to allow the boss to work while in the air?
  • Are there any better connecting flight options which offer a shorter layover?

Tip #2 – Search Multiple Sources 

With the questions answered, booking flights, hotels, and/or car services, comes next. For websites, take a look at:

  • Kayak
  • Yahoo FareChase
  • Travelocity
  • Priceline
  • Hipmunk
  • Expedia

With Kayak, the searcher will be able to compare other sites — Priceline, Virgin America, Travelocity, Expedia, and — to Kayak’s prices to find the lowest offerings available. For days trips without the need for a hotel stay, head directly to the airline’s official webpage in order to compare prices solely for the flight itself.

Tip #3 – Package the Trip

Package air, hotel, and car, if possible. According to Desk Demon, executive assistants can save anywhere from 5% to 50% when trip amenities are packaged together instead of purchased separately.

Tip #4 – Make Life Easier 

In the event of an unexpected flight delay or missed connection, a smartphone app likeHotel Tonight can help assistants find last-minute lodging for much less money then they would normally pay. The boss won’t be stuck in the airport or have to scramble to change the lodgings.

In addition, GateGuru offers stranded travelers at the airport — and even those who aren’t stranded — with options for food and shopping within the airport in order to simplify searching out food and supplies.

Scheduling Travel Arrangements For Your Boss

Tip #5 – Minimize Unnecessary Travel Clutter

An app like TripIt offers a way in which to cut down on travel materials such as flight confirmation numbers, hotel confirmation numbers, restaurant reservations, and other paper-based clutter. Instead of taking every one of the confirmation printouts, forward the travel arrangements (i.e.: all confirmation emails from air, car, and hotel) to the TripIt account.

Executive assistants can then put every pertinent detail — such as flight, hotel, or restaurant dates and times — onto the bosses’ smartphone or tablet. Thus, it will be one all-inclusive, easy-to-digest itinerary for them that’s as convenient as reaching into their pants or jacket pocket.

And no matter the particular “smart “device — BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, or Android — the TripIt app works on all of the aforementioned products.

Tip #6 – Location, Location, Location!

Understand the bosses seat preferences: aisle, window, or — gasp! — middle. And book accordingly.

Tip #7 – Keep the Boss Informed

CNN Money offers ideas for apps such as FlightTrack ($4.99) to help travelers find up-to-the-minute flight information, such as:

  • Seat availability via SeatGuru
  • Baggage claim locations
  • Gate changes
  • Potential flight delays, and more!

The $10 Pro version of FlightTrack will alert business travelers to any delays and/or gate changes prior to finding out the hard way. In addition, business travelers will be able to sync up with TripIt for a fully functioning travel guide in the palm of their hand.

Thus, for those scheduling travel arrangements for your boss, finding a comfortable, simple, and budget-conscious trip package for them doesn’t have to be rocket science. Use these tips and get scheduling successfully today!

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