Upon reviewing our error rate, I became curious about what error rates and on time performance (OTP) rates were in the transportation industry. I searched on line for about an hour and came up with little data. I was able to find U.S. Airline ratings and Washington DC area bus and rail data, however found no posted error rates or OTP rates for the chauffeured transportation industry.

Airline Industry

Virgin America , the best in the U.S. airline industry reported 82% on time arrivals, 3% mishandled bags and declined boarding to 4% of its’ passengers for 2013. The data was gleaned from a 4-7-14  Forbes article “Americas Best Airlines”.

WMATA Bus and Rail

In The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Vital Signs Report A “Scorecard of Metro’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)” 2013 Year-End Results posted Bus On Time Percentage (OTP) at 77.4% and Rail (OTP) at 92% effective.

Chauffeured Transportation

To my surprise, I was unable to find published error rates or on time percentage for chauffeured transportation companies. I found websites that made reference of a 10% error rate being acceptable, however this was just marketing jargon. Some nationwide companies stated they had the lowest error rate, however never said what their error or OTP rates actually were.

So while I am pleased to report Professional Livery Worldwide has a 1.04% YTD error rate which makes us 98.96% effective overall, I have no industry benchmark to measure against except our internal KPI’s. For me, one error is to many since that translates into an unsatisfied client.


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