As spring melts away winter in the northern hemisphere, vacation planning is in full swing. The usual where to go, what to do, when and with whom are generally quickly decided. Maybe you go to the same place every year or perhaps go someplace new.

But what about the HOW?

Will you drive there or have to fly?

How will you get to / from the airport?

How will you get from the airport to your hotel or vacation rental?

Do you need to rent a car or do you prefer a pick up and drop off? Perfect for a large city, resort or a remote destination.

For me, the longest part of a trip is returning to the origin airport, waiting for bags, waiting for a shuttle to the long term car parking lot, scraping snow or ice off my vehicle in winter and waiting in line to exit the parking facility. In the time it takes to do all that, I could have been home already.

I recently spoke with someone who was planning a family vacation who inquired about car service. We discussed a couple of options and the associated cost of each. I pointed out the least expensive option was driving themselves and parking in long term parking. He responded: “I don’t vacation often and don’t want to drive.” I shared how nice it was to have a chauffeur waiting for your arrival to transport you home. Convenience not cost was the deciding factor for him. Hiring a car service is an individual decision weighing convenience, desirability and cost.

* About Professional Livery Worldwide

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