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There are many types of transportation and drivers, however chauffeur service is in a class of its’ own.  So what sets chauffeur companies apart from any other form of transportation are: the company owners, the chauffeurs themselves and personalized service.

Company Owners

The owner(s) of chauffeur company usually grow up in the industry and know what it takes to provide world-class service. They are driven to continually improve the quality of service that they and their team provide. Most chauffeur services are small businesses so the owner has their finger on the pulse of each and every detail. They get to know their customers and strive to anticipate their wants and needs. From way the phone is answered to the meticulous maintenance of the fleet, everything is conducted with one goal in mind – exceeding customer expectations.


While the term may refer to anybody who drives for a living, it usually implies a driver of an elegant passenger vehicle; those who operate buses or non-passenger vehicles are generally referred to as “drivers” (from Wikipedia).  Items that differentiate a chauffeur from a driver are; extensive customer service training, years of experience, area knowledge, business attire, communicates well and is well spoken.

Personalized Service

A chauffeur is usually dispatched 24 hours in advance so they have your itinerary and know the best route to take depending upon traffic and time of day. Upon arrival; you are greeted with a smile, they introduce themselves, take your bag or luggage, open the door and settle you in a climate controlled vehicle where you can browse today’s paper and quench your thirst with bottled water. If it is raining you will be greeted with an umbrella and escorted to the vehicle. The aim of the chauffeur is to provide a worry-free environment while anticipating your needs as they transport you to your next destination in style.

In summary, what sets chauffeur companies apart from any other form of transportation are the company owners, the chauffeurs and the personalized service they provide. The next time you are making travel arrangement for work consider using a chauffeur service. Let them concentrate on the details so you can focus on the business at hand. Cheers!

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