So you have a transportation need and don’t usually use a car service.  What should you look for in a local limo service?  Some factors to consider are: their availability to provide service, whether they have the desired vehicle, they are helpful on the phone, bill after the fact and provide customer recommendations.


The first thing is to ensure the company has availability on the day / time you want the transportation.  When do you make the reservation?  The best time to make the reservation is when you have the itinerary worked out.  Don’t wait until the last minute as some dates can be sold out based upon events such as conventions, concerts, games etc.


The type of vehicle required may play a large factor in selecting a local limo service.  In general, there are fewer large vehicles such as SUVs, vans and minibuses than there are sedans in a fleet.  Larger vehicles are frequently booked weeks in advance.

Friendly Staff

When speaking with the local limo service on the phone, you should be comfortable speaking with the customer service representative or dispatcher.  You are not an interruption to them and they should take the time to answer your inquiry and explain everything.  They should be knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.


Many local limo service providers require a deposit.  This is especially true when booking larger vehicles since they are more difficult to rebook at the last minute.  Billing for most services should be done after the fact and be based upon actual hours used.  Most accept credit cards and also offer invoiced trips for corporate accounts.

Customer Recommended

The local limo service should be comfortable providing you a list of customers whom you are free to call in order to perform some due diligence.  They also should have customer testimonials or referrals posted on their web site.

In summary, it is all about feeling comfortable with the local limo service that you select for your transportation.  At a minimum, they should have; the availability, the type of vehicle you desire, a friendly knowledgeable staff that sets you at ease and have customer endorsements.

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