Your executive doesn’t really care about the inner workings of their chauffeur service.  They do care about the service; being reliable / on-time, being discreet, having clean vehicles and are able to work while in transit.

Reliable / On-Time

Reliability can mean different things to different people.  For the executive the bottom line on reliability is that the chauffeur will be at the pick- up point on-time (on time in this business is 15 minutes early – arriving at the pick-up time is late), know where they are going and the most efficient way to get there.


Many executives hire a chauffeur service so no one in the firm is privy to what they are working on, whether it’s minimizing exposure to a problem or exploring a new business opportunity. Chauffeur service affords the executive strict confidentiality and privacy.  Chauffeurs operate on a “speak when spoken to” code once the introduction and confirmation of the destination is completed.

Clean Vehicle

A clean vehicle is not an option in the chauffeur industry; it is a matter of pride.  It is the outward appearance of the chauffeur service’s attention to detail.  A good chauffeur would be mortified to show up driving anything less than an impeccably detailed vehicle stocked with a cold water and today’s paper.  This is the industry standard, don’t settle for less.

Work While in Transit

Not having to drive or give directions to a driver frees up your executive to be productive.  So they can; converse with a client, look over a proposal, take a conference call, make a call, email, read the paper or simply relax.


What this all boils down to is expectation. Your executive has expectations, your client has expectations and you have expectations. When all of those expectations are met, everyone is satisfied.  Hire a chauffeur service that is passionate about exceeding expectations and work tirelessly to do so each and every trip.



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