NHL - Dodger Stadium

Winter – Must be Hockey Season

The northeast is experiencing a cold winter. I guess the weather is normal, but doesn’t seem that way after three mild winters. Okay, enough complaining. The cold does bring my favorite sport – ice hockey. One highlight of the season is the Winter Classic which is played outdoors on New Year’s Day.

Winter Classic

The first Winter Classic was held January 1, 2008 in Orchard Park, New York. The game had a then-NHL-record crowd of 71,217 fans in attendance. The success of the 2008 NHL Winter Classic led the NHL to schedule a second one for 2009, held at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. That game had the highest American television ratings of any hockey game in 33 years. Subsequent games: 2010 at Fenway Park in Boston, 2011 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, 2012 at Citizens Bank Park In Philadelphia, no game was played in 2013 due to a labor dispute / lockout which delayed the season start and most recently in 2014 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor with a record attendance of 105,491. The Winter Classic was made a part of the NHL schedule through at least January 1, 2021.

Stadium Hockey Series

The NHL did something special this year, they added a Stadium Hockey Series. Similar to the Winter Classic, several more outdoor regular season games were added to the schedule. Games are scheduled at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, two at Yankee Stadium in New York and the last at Soldier Field in Chicago. Ice in Los Angeles?  Yes, modern technology!

Chauffeur Service

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